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Our outlets Wrapped Up, Burgies, Snack Attack & 9g Espresso are renowned for food and drinks that are crafted with honest ingredients and sustainable practices, providing an elevated taste experience that features healthy & fresh. cooking well means wasting less, so if any food is not eaten, it's composted or recycled. so from start to finish we're keeping everything on the menu as ethical and environmentally friendly as possible.

Ibo Safi will be using his expertise to recycle, reuse and up-cycle large quantities of what would otherwise be waste. if food's not eaten, it's composted, recycled or up-cycled.

Our designed Eriine Demire has decked out our brands with a hex design to create a visually amazing outlet, when patrons see our outlets they look like they were built to stay or have always been there, putting a smile of comfort on people's faces.

So get stuck in knowing that you're patrons are eating incredible, sustainable produce, cooked with love and care.